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Life Insurance

Insuring Peace of Mind for Your Family’s Future!

Death is unavoidable, in the event of your death, how can you protect those who depend on your income? The answer is… Life Insurance.

At LFG Insurance Services, we have answers for your questions. We work hard to understand your situation and your goals to help you choose the life insurance options for your needs.

Final Expenses – Coverage for burial, funeral arrangements, end-of-Life expenses such as medical or legal expenses.

Mortgage Consider securing life insurance that pays off the mortgage if you pass away.

Dependents – Consider providing a legacy for dependents, not only for their current expenses such as childcare, education, daily life but also for providing equally to each dependent as well as avoiding probate issues.

Spouses/Partners Consider providing Life Insurance to replace the loss of Income you provided to the household for the surviving spouse, and or replacing the spouses’ social security income.

Retirement – We can also help you plan for life after retirement. We can help you replace the life coverage you loose when leaving your job, help you plan for liqudity in retirement, and plan for estate taxes. We can show you Long-Term Care options and explain how Medicaid works and the impacts on your life insurance.

Business Owners Business Owners should consider life insurance for partners to continue operations in the event of your death. A Buy Sell Agreement can eliminate any future issues for family and business partners in transitioning your ownership percentage.